We’re hiring! We are looking for our next Rockstar therapist

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  We are seeking a “rockstar”,  experienced therapist who has a passion for trigger point work,  interest in Neuromuscular Therapy, and a goal of working with clients who have medical conditions. The ideal candidate has a minimum of 2-3 years experience as an LMT utilizing trigger point therapy in sessions, has a desire to become … Continue reading

Posture headaches, text neck and your computer

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Part two: Posture related headaches According to Eric Christensen, DPT at Chandler Physical Therapy at his headache workshop, a common pattern that exacerbates headaches is called “upper crossed posture”. We call it “head forward posture”, or you may have also heard it called “text neck”. The shoulders are rounded forward, the neck is stretched out … Continue reading

Deep Tissue massage versus Neuromuscular Therapy

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We get this question all the time: How is Neuromuscular Therapy different from Deep Tissue Massage? As the name suggests, “Deep Tissue Massage” is a form of massage that works the general muscle tissue using deep pressure. The treatment utilizes classic Swedish massage strokes with firm pressure to address areas of pain and muscle “knots”. Deep … Continue reading