Improving Your Golf Game

Improving your score Can we really do that? As a few clients can attest, it’s possible. 🙂 One of the most common recreational reasons a new client walks through our doors is the pain or decreased mobility from the game of golf. They are frustrated because they hurt during or after play, are tired of … Continue reading

Hip Labrum and FAI surgery recovery: Week 1

Labrum surgery recovery: The first five days were rough, although I was in better shape than I had expected to be. If you are needing to have this surgery, make sure you have help 24/7 for the first 5-7 days. I needed help with *everything*, especially getting up to go to the bathroom overnight. The … Continue reading

Hip labrum and FAI surgery: Week and Day of Surgery

My last post about my hip labrum and FAI surgery indicated that my surgery date was going to be 12/15/15. I had my pre-op testing at the hospital on 12/1 which included a complete blood count, EKG and chest X-ray. I received a call the next morning from my surgeon, Dr. Tim Bert‘s, office (Hedley … Continue reading

My hip labrum tear and FAI story

This is my story. I’m choosing to tell it because there isn’t a lot of information out there on pain from a hip labrum tear and FAI.  My “journey” has been a challenging  and frustrating one, with many days filled with pain and the mental downward spiral that many people in chronic pain experience… “Will … Continue reading

Our 2015 Holiday Family Sponsorship

The Neuromuscular Studio would like to ask your help in supporting little Madison McHugh. Last year we began the start of what we hoped would be an annual tradition of supporting a Studio family in need for the holidays. When we began the search for our family last year, I immediately contacted Anna McHugh, long … Continue reading

The necessity of prenatal massage

There’s no doubt about it, creating a human being is hard work. A woman’s body goes through so many physical changes that back pain, hip pain and sciatica, calf cramps, neck pain and headaches are common pregnancy ailments. Most people view prenatal massage as spa luxury that allows a woman to relax for an hour … Continue reading

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and its importance

Have you heard the term Lymphatic Drainage and wondered what its all about? And why would someone have their lymph drained? Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a very gentle form of massage that manipulates and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system through light gliding strokes. Our immune response is dependent on a well-functioning lymph system, and the … Continue reading

KMI Structural Integration – Session 6

Session 6 as conveyed by our client, Amy D. Last week, I went through session 6 of the KMI Structural Integration series. That one was focused on the Psoas, and the “Central Deep Front Line.” The psoas is our primary hip flexor and one of our main core muscles. See our blog on the psoas … Continue reading