COVID-19 safety precautions

  • Masks are optional (revised 08/2021) inside the Studio common areas and in treatment rooms. Therapists’ have masks readily available and will wear one upon request.
  • All client and therapist contact points, including the treatment table, are disinfected with a COVID disinfectant between clients.
  • Clients are asked to complete a COVID prescreen form prior to each session to certify that they are not displaying symptoms, have not been knowing exposed or have taken a COVID test and awaiting results. Appointments are staggered whenever possible in scheduling.
  • We have a Blueair professional air purifier in our common area and smaller Blueair units in each treatment room, which purify and recycle the air five times in one hour. Blueair is one of the highest rated air purifiers for small micron viruses.
  • We use large PhoneSoap UV-C sterilizers to sanitize all devices, payment terminals, clipboards, pens, styluses, etc.
  • We have two checkout stations which are more than 6 feet apart.
  • We have hand sanitizer through the Studio, including a touchless dispenser at the front counter. We also have a touchless soap dispenser in the bathroom.
  • We ask that clients wait in their car until their appointment time to reduce the amount of guests in the Studio at any given time. Guests are not allowed to wait inside the Studio if they accompany a client to their session.
  • Our business is self-contained, we do not share space with another business inside the building, in order to adhere to our high standards.