Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept or bill medical insurance, auto insurance or Medicare. If you have an HSA or employer flex-spending account, you may be able to use your funds for our services – check with your administrator, you may need a prescription from a physician.

Do I have to fully undress for my massage?

Some clients choose to leave their underwear on during a session for comfort and that is absolutely fine. Fully undressing ensures the glute and hip regions are able to be better treated, however these areas can be accessed through the sheets or underwear if needed. For KMI Structural Integration and Myofascial Release Therapy, viewing clothes are worn for the treatment. Viewing clothes for men are shorts or underwear; for women, a two piece bathing suit, or shorts and a sports bra.

Is it appropriate for me to tip the therapist?

Because our work is medical in nature, gratuity for your service is not required like spas or day spas. If you would like to tip your therapist, it is appreciated, but certainly not expected!

Why am I told to drink lots of water after my massage and is it really that important?

Yes, it is very important. Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. Water is essential for bodily fluids such as blood, cerebral spinal fluid, and amniotic fluid. Intervertebral discs in the spine are also reliant upon water to retain their shock-absorbing qualities and function. Water is also necessary for the liver to filter out the toxins and chemicals from our body, food, and medications.

The reason that massage therapy is so effective is that it physically breaks up the restrictions in the muscle tissue causing pain. Many of these restrictions can contain chemical by-products and metabolic wastes from the body, and with massage they are released into the bloodstream for elimination. In order for the body to properly rid itself of these toxins, there must be an ample amount of water in the system. Drinking water after a treatment ensures that the body is flushing itself of the toxins and helps prevent soreness the day after.

An even better approach is to be properly hydrated prior to your treatment by drinking at least a glass or two in the hours before. If the muscle tissue is properly hydrated, more toxins will be released and less pressure will be used during your treatment making it more enjoyable and more effective. A basic guideline for daily water consumption is as follows: Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two to get the amount in ounces you should be drinking per day. If you enjoy any de-hydrating beverages (coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.) then add another 8 ounces per serving.

Why am I sore sometimes after a treatment and is this common?

Yes, soreness can be an after-effect of the treatment and it is common to experience it. Soreness or tenderness can result from the pressure used to release the restrictions in your tissue, and can also be a result of under-hydration either before or after the treatment. If the body is not being properly hydrated after the session to flush out the toxins and metabolic wastes, they may be re-deposited into the muscular system causing tenderness.

How is KMI Structural Integration different from Rolfing?

Rolfing is the original form of Structural Integration taught by Dr Ida Rolf. KMI is Tom Myers’, a Rolfer of 35 years, interpretation of Dr. Ida Rolf’s teachings. Rolfing involves a series of ten sessions, whereas KMI involves twelve.

What should I wear for a KMI treatment?

We recommend that you wear either a bathing suit, or be comfortable being viewed by your therapist in your underwear (and bra). At the beginning of every KMI treatment, your therapist will have you stand in front of her to evaluate your posture. You may also be asked to walk around the room for an evaluation of your body mechanics. KMI treatments are meant to stimulate your body, so you will be asked to remain active throughout each session. Your therapist may ask you to get up from the table and walk around at different points as well. For these reasons, we ask that you wear underwear or a bathing suit with appropriate coverage. If you have specific questions about attire, your therapist will be happy to answer them prior to your first session.

Do you practice Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue massage is a generalized term for more therapeutic, deeper work in the body rather than a Swedish, relaxing massage. The therapeutic treatments we provide address more specific areas of pain versus using deep general pressure. If used to a deep tissue massage, please schedule a Customized Therapy session.

I am pregnant and I would like to have a massage face down. Do you have a support system available?

For the safety of mother and child, we perform our prenatal massages with the mother in a sidelying position bolstered by pillows or a pregnancy support cushion. A massage face-down may be performed in the first trimester with a physician’s approval. Starting in the second trimester, it is not safe to have pressure of any form on the front of the abdomen or baby for an extended period of time and the mother must be in a side-lying position for her massage. While they sound comfortable, pregnancy tables with cut-out holes for the abdomen while laying face-down are, in our opinion, not safe positions to lay in.

I just had surgery and would like a massage. When can I make an appointment?

For most surgeries, the normal time before a physician’s release is six to eight weeks, but every case is individual. A physician’s written release post-surgery is required before post-surgical treatments begin. Your physician’s office can fax a release to our office at (480) 967-7348.

How can I make an appointment and where are you located?

All appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday and can be made by calling (480) 967-7345 or contact us here. The Neuromuscular Studio is located at 430 W. Warner Rd., Suite 110 in Tempe, Arizona. From the Warner and Kyrene intersection, turn north on Warner and then a quick right into the complex immediately past the Valero gas station. After you turn into the parking lot, go past the first build to the next building east (our building is directly 45 degrees northeast behind the gas station). Suite 110 is located on the Northwest corner of the building and ample parking is available at the door.