Cesarean Rehabilitation

This treatment is specific to new moms who delivered by Cesarean Section.  Because everyone's scar tissue responds differently, this treatment is usually scheduled in a series of 30 minute sessions several weeks in a row.  A package series of one 60 minute initial session and two additional 30 minute sessions is available if there are aches and pains from delivery that need to be treated in addition to the scar at the first session. This treatment helps the scar tissue to remain flexible and prevents it from adhering to the muscle and connective tissue in the abdomen. This treatment is done a minimum of 3 months post-Cesarean section, and only after the scar is completely healed. A written release from your OB/GYN may be required.


  • 30 minute: $65
  • 3 session series (one 60 minute and two 30 minute): $245